Slayer x Supreme

Starting in Fall 2016, a new collection of clothing is anticipated to release. This clothing is a collaboration between the metal band Slayer and the well known Supreme clothing. Supreme began in 1994 in New York which were made up of skaslayer-x-supreme-2016-fall-collection-1teboarders and various artists. Over the next many years, Supreme would find itself working with many photographers, other artists, designers, and musicians. Coming soon, Supreme will be working with Slayer. This band originated in California during 1981 with a total of four members. The clothing line is expected to have a variety of many different types of clothing. It will include sweatshirts, sweatpants, t-shirts, hats, jackets, and many more. The collaboration collection is rumored to release November 10th in Supreme stores and also on their website. If you want to be wearing a new, fresh, clean clothing line, this collection is the way to go. Supreme has always had this simple yet elegant look that is all around casual at the same time. To learn more or shop this collection when it releases, go to the Supreme website and click here.


New, Anticipated Jordan XXXi Colorways

The newest Jordans, the Jordan XXXi was officially released not too long ago on July 20th for a retailed price of $185. This new, popular shoe is finally coming out in new colorways that will have sales skyrocketing. A new, anticipated color ofImage result for jordan XXXi battle grey this sneaker is called Chicago which officially releases on November 5th. Another is called Battle Grey which will come out before the Chicago color. Battle Grey is rumored to release the 29th of October. These colors are just a few of many. The Jordan XXXi comes in many different colors. If you would like to check out other colors in this shoe, click here. This shoe is very popular and in style at the moment. It was even seen being worn in many various colors by many athletes during the Olympics. If you want to be part of this sneaker trend, buy yourself a new Jordan XXXi in one of the new colors! This shoe, as Nike says, is an “anti-gravity machine.”

Kanye West & His New Limited Shoe

This week, the newest and hottest shoe at the moment is Kanye West’s Adidas Yeezys. These limited shoes were released just a few days ago on October 15, 2016. The Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 was released in light brown. yeezy-boost-750-light-brownIt retailed at $350 and sold out almost immediately. The Adidas Yeezys, which made its first debut in February 2015, has been a top fashion trend since then. Previous to the Adidas, Yeezys were first seen with Nike all the way back in 2008. The next version 2 of the Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 in light brown is rumored to release some time during 2017. For more information about this shoe, or Kanye’s Yeezy company in general, click here. Sign up on the website to be updated immediately when the shoe is back in stock. If you really want to catch the attention of everyone around you, be sure to buy one of these hot sneakers. These will be guaranteed to have them staring breathless at your new, fresh kicks!

Welcome to Men’s Trends

Here at Men’s Trends blog, we specialize in updating you, the audience, to the latest trends to date. These trends and styles can vary from clothing to hairstyles, or even shoes. 5157559_origAs one of the two writers of this blog, my name is Darren Truong, and my partner is Andrew Pham. Instead of trying to find all these different articles about various trends, come and it will all be here in one place. This blog is to your convenience and will get rid of all the confusion out there. It can be hard sometimes to navigate the internet to right exactly what you are looking for. Instead, here is an easy option to get an inside on what is “cool” right now. Every week will be a different topic relating to trends specific in new, younger men. Click here for this website of a brief over view of what this year’s trends might have to offer. Tune in soon to see the newest fashions in depth and detail.