OFF-WHITE x Jordan 1

Jordan Brand is once again having another collaboration with a big brand. This time it is OFF-WHITE. OFF-WHITE is a brand based in Milan that symbolizes high-end streetwear. The head designer and founder of this brand is no other than Virgil Abloh (shown to the left). Abloh was born and raised in Chicago and grew up learning about fashion. He has since created OFF-WHITE which has been one of the strongest and most expensive streetwear brands out there. OFF-WHITE’s symbol is either multiple straight lines or a big X on the back of the shirt. OFF-WHITE has grown ever since opening in 2014 and has collaborated with brands such as Nike, KITH, and now Jordan. They also have had many famous artists wearing their apparel such as Tyga, Justin Bieber, and Kanye West. As you can see in the image to Virgil Abloh, he is wearing the teased Jordan 1 collaboration with OFF-WHITE, he hides half the shoe under his pants while having a pop of color with the lime green shoe laces.

With this collaboration with Jordan, OFF-WHITE is taking the Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” colorway and making it more unique and giving it more details. It comes with deconstructed details, text graphic overlays, oversized Swoosh, OFF-WHITE branding, and various text structures in quotes. They have done this with the Nike Air Max 90 with various text structures in quotes to make it more unique in its own way while keeping the silhouette the same. The shoe comes with white, black, lime green, and orange shoe laces so you can be even more avant garde with this unique sneaker. This new shoe has everyone in the community going crazy for them. The price is steep retailing at $350. However, to some people the price makes sense due to the high-end materials being put into the shoe and how big the collaboration is. There has been no release date stated so that gives you time to save up for this hyped shoe! For more information, click here.


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