Gucci’s Pre-Fall 2017 Collection

Gucci began as a fashion brand made to be known for it’s luxury and elegance. This company was founded in 1921, or 97 years ago, by a man named Guccio Gucci. As this Image result for gucci logofather took most of the credit, the brand was actually built up with the help of his sons. There were three of them in total. By 2008, this brand grew so widespread that it had made a total of 4.6 billion US dollars by the year of 2008. Along with being the largest Italian brand at this time, Gucci opened a total of 278 stores worldwide according to their statistics in 2009. Think of this number compared to the slim 76 stores Gucci only had during the year 1997. With their never ending success, as of 2013, this company’s trend kept growing and was worth 12.1 billion US dollars.

Gucci became so popular and trendy even after all of these years because of their design. Every year they are releasing new and unique styles that have never been seen before. Image result for gucci purseClearly, the typical person would not wear clothes with these exotic colors and patterns because of the retail price. It is indeed a luxury brand and it always has been. Specializing in fashion, specifically Gucci sold watches, purses, ties, bags, jewelry, etc. Their clothing lines were one of a kind because of the colorful fabrics such as pigskin, calf, ranging to many other animals. Their bags and purses consisted of top of the line leather. Sometimes there would be floral prints or a butterfly pattern made for silk only. Gucci’s styles have changed throughout the years according to the latest trends, but generally, they have stayed their luxurious, unique selves since the start of it all.

Currently as of 2017, there are many rumors as of what will be included in this year’s future up coming Fall 2017 Collection. It has been predicted that there will be bombers with colorful floral prints, tigers, dragons, other animals, and even including space Gucci 2017 Pre-Fall Collection Editorial Silk Bomber Jacket Gucci Logo Shirtthemed backgrounds. This new and different design would be embroidered into the bombers which are an in-trend style. Many embroidering can also be seen on shoes. Designer Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director, says that he envisions this new collection to have a fairy tale like vibe to the clothing. He also states that there will be a long coat with dragons embroidered on both sides of the back. All of these exotic street wear will make you stand out from everyone else because of it’s popping colors and designs. However, since this is a high end luxury brand, Gucci clothing is always expected to sell for expensive and sell out quickly.


The Realization of Over Priced Sneakers

I never truly realized how expensive sneakers could really be. Growing up, exclusive sneakers were not really exposed to our family, especially being just an average income Image result for vans logofamily. Most of the time me, including peers at school brought casual shoes. This included shoes like Vans or Converse. Most of the time, these type of things would only cost maybe ranging around 50-70 dollars. The most expensive shoes I ever saw were maybe at Foot Locker where the athletic shoes there maybe went up to 200 dollars. For the most part, in the past at a younger age, shoes did not seem to be very expensive or a big deal at a young age.

However, as I grow up and the friends around me did also, we began to get into social media. We expanded our knowledge about sneakers and started to learned more and Image result for lonzo ball zo2more about it. The first I remember hearing about an exclusive, high priced shoe was Kanye West’s Yeezy many years ago. Due to the low supply and high demand, these shoes sold out quickly. There was reselling online for up to 2,000 dollars. My thinking changed recently, a new shoe was released which brought a lot of attention. Lonzo Ball, an upcoming NBA star has released a shoe called the ZO2. This basketball sneaker is priced at 495 dollars but will probably resale for much more. The limited edition ZO2 WET is selling for 995 dollars.

After growing up and being exposed to all of these social media trends, I then began to Image result for expensive sneakersrealized how expensive shoes could truly be. From all of these shoes and many more, there was an endless list of sneakers that were priced beyond an average income family. Of course, these shoes were not commonly seen among peers and around school. However, if there was that one kid with expensive shoes, everyone noticed it. As time passed, I began to learn of many people who collected shoes. They valued their shoes like children and kept them very clean and spotless. Everyday they would clean their shoes.

After realizing the world of sneakers beyond my past knowledge, I now tried investing
my time and money to find some expensive, quality sneakers. This could be anything Related image
from Jordans to Adidas. Hopefully someday I will have a sneaker collection of my own to show off to my peers. I would love to have a shelf displaying all of these sneakers in the future, but I would have to keep every single shoe clean. Maybe I will not collect thousands of dollars worth of shoes like those big time collectors with walk in closets and fancy lights. This would be something small to do on the side, probably saving a couple hundred dollars now and then to add to my new, small collection.