What’s Next for the FOG x Vans Collaboration?

Jerry Lorenzo is Image result for jerry lorenzo fear of goda big influencer in the fashion community. He is famous for being the founder and head designer for his brand “Fear of God” or “FOG.” He has designed clothes for people like Kanye West, Justin Bieber, and Tyga. His brand has collaborated with many companies but most recognized is Vans and Pacsun. He has created three collections with Pacsun with all collections instantly selling out and resold to people for double the price! With Pacsun, Lorenzo tries to use the same style of layering, oversized fits, and comfort but with cheaper materials which lowers the price point so that everyone can get them. Usually, if it was his own brand collection, it would be made with premium materials that make the clothing price point as high as 500 dollars.

Recently, Lorenzo announced that he is once again collaborating with Vans. His last collaboration in the fall was a hit. They took the Vans Era and gave Lorenzo all of the creative space to create his own shoe. They decided to take the shoFEAR OF GOD Vans Collectione all print the “Fear of God” logo around the whole shoe and instead of all white laces, they replaced it with a nice cream off-white lacing (seen to the right). They also took the Vans Sk8-Hi and went for a more subtle look. They used the same cream off-white laces in the Vans Era and the original black outside of the shoe but they changed the tongue and the toe box of the shoe to a grey suede giving it a more subtle yet loud look (seen to the right). However, the two shoes do not include the Vans logo, it still has the iconic tab in the back of the shoe where the logo should be, but it is not included. People believe it is because the shoe is more like a “Fear of God” shoe than a Vans shoe. Both shoes costed 100 dollars retail, but they go for almost 800 dollars in resell due to the limited supply and name brand. With another platform for Lorenzo to show his artistic skill, everyone is wondering what he will do next. What shoe will he take and create his own? Or will he create his own model with Vans? For more information, click here.


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