Nike Releases Acronym Inspired Presto Shoes

Acronym is a well known German clothing company, but they are unique because they have found success with no marketing or advertising. Image result for acronym clothing companyThis newer company was started in 1994 by Errolson Hugh, and since then they have been releasing quality, functional clothing. Their first products, however, released in 2002 as a collection called Dubb Kit-1. This was a small collection only including a couple of items. A year later, their 2003 collection would attract more attention with even more clothing products. According to Errolson Hugh he says, “There’s no marketing budget that you’re paying for. It’s all going into the gear.” With this founder’s ideas, Acronym continues to release many in style clothing at an affordable price. Their styles and ideas are influencing others, such as their jacket that was released in 2006. Years later in 2014, Gucci revealed their new jacket which was very similar to Acronym.

Now with some background information about the Acronym company itself, they have also released shoes, such as the collaboration Nike. Previously, Nike Air had a shoe Image result for acronym presto septembercalled Prestos, but Acronym decided to put their own style to it and changed it into one of their own. With function and design in mind, the founder Errolson Hugh redesigned the Acronym X NikeLab Presto with a unique twist. After being very secretive with the release, NikeLab announced the release date to be September 15th, 2016. This mid top shoe with new zippers and straps is different and designed by the founder of Acronym himself. These shoes did not last long and sold out very quickly. It was released in Germany previously, and would later make its way to the states within weeks. Along with many different colorways, this light weight shoe would sell for about 200 dollars.

After the release of Acronym’s collaboration with NikeLab on their presto shoes, many months later, Nike decided to take matters into their own hands. The collaboration released in September, but now in March Nike is soon to be releasing a new Acronym Nike Air Presto Mid SP ACRONYM Purple Grey Black Green - 3758440inspired shoe. Instead of having a shoe with Acronym embedded in it, Nike designed their own shoe that is similar to the one above, but it is now completely Nike. Released on Saturday March 18th, many consumers were anticipating this shoe, but specifically those who could not get their hands on the Acronym X NikeLab Presto in September. There were two rumored colorways that were predicted to be making their way to different online websites. Alike to Errolson Hugh’s designs, the sides of the shoe are almost identical. This inspired look alike would have zippers on the ankles, the upper made of mesh, and pull tabs. Having been released last weekend, if you are considering to buy this shoe, chances are it has been completely sold out.