Recently, COMME des GARÇONES has made a collaboration with Nike and their Dunk Highs. It came with the Nike Dunk High silouette but with clear panels as the canvas for the shoe which makes the shoe see through. This is a very popular trend with clear panels on shoes but it is seen with mixed feelingImage result for comme des garcons nike dunks because most people don’t want others seeing their socks or open toes. However, most people like the shoe because of it’s rareness and the brand names.    COMME des GARÇONES is a Japanese clothing brand that is branded by their playful red heart. They make very simple essential items like t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, and shoes as well. They might be simple, but COMME des GARÇONES uImage resultses premium materials to make their items comfortable. This collaboration with Nike was showing a different point of view of COMME des GARÇONES. Instead of going into their simple items, they went out of the box and changed the Nike Dunks from a lifestyle/skateboarding sneaker into a fashion sneaker. This even gave inspiration to a sneakerhead that creates his own shoes, The Shoe Surgeon to use COMME des GARÇONES’ idea of clear panels and implement it into the Air Jordan 1. For more information about COMME des GARÇONES click here.



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