Lacoste X Supreme 2017

Lacoste, a well known French branded company, is rumored to soon be collaborating with Supreme. Both brands refused to make any comments on the subject, but there have been leaked clothing images and other clues hinting towards this release. After learning about the surprising collaboration with Louis Vuitton, fans found this recent news to be unexpected also. The announcement of Supreme X Louis Vuitton last month was official, so if there was a Supreme X Lacoste, it would be after this new, luxury one. The founder of Supreme, or James Jebbia was seen during New York Fashion Week at Lacoste’s Fall 2017 show on February 11th. Noting all the other companies Lacoste has paired up with, a new Supreme and Lacoste clothing line is actually very realistic.

The history of Supreme dates all the way back to 1994 in Manhattan, New York. The first ever opened store was on Lafayette Street, and it was founded by James Jebbia. Back then, their clothing and styles were mainly directed towards skate boarders. Image result for manhattan new york supreme clothingAfter many years, in 2004, Supreme grew and expanded to it’s second location in Los Angeles, California. After this, they began expanding outside of the country in places such as Paris, Tokyo, and London. Throughout all of Supreme history, they have been known to collaborate with many other commercial branded companies. This includes Nike, Vans, North Face, Air Jordans, and many more. On January 18th, 2017, there was recently a fashion show where Louis Vuitton and Supreme officially announced that they would be collaborating next. In public, many celebrities have been seen wearing their clothing like Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean, Kanye West, and Kid Cudi. Could Lacoste and Supreme be their next new collaboration after Louis Vuitton?

In 1933, René Lacoste founded his company in France, which sold high end clothing, shoes, and watches. He was also known as a very talented tennis player back then. The clothing brand is most Image result for lacoste polo shirts 1930well known for their classic polo shirts. With their green crocodile logo, this company grew quickly and soon they sold 300,000 products a year. In 1952, they expanded to the United States, and René handed over his company to his son, Bernard. In 2006, Bernard passed away and his younger brother was president. They still remained to sell their quality clothing which somewhat evolved over the years. Their polo shirts have been the same style to keep that clean, sleek look. The main change that fans spoke about happened in 2002. Lacoste redesigned their logo for the first time since the company was begun. However, the logo still kept the same theme of the green crocodile. In 2013, Lacoste celebrated their 80th year anniversary.

Now, during 2017, Lacoste and Supreme has unexpectedly been rumored to be collaborating with their clothing. With Supreme’s modern day street wear combining toImage result for supreme and lacoste Lacoste’s high end, classics, this could be one of the besting looking collaborations Supreme has done in a while. Although there is a Louis Vuitton collab, both of the companies styles do not quite go together. Louis Vuitton is too expensive to be seen collaborating with Supreme so it is said to not look natural. On the other hand, Lacoste with Supreme has some true potential to do very well in stores. This rumor has been hyped to get fans ready and excited for what is to come in the future. Recently, there has been a leaked photo of what looks to be an exclusive Supreme hat and embroidered check shirt. But there is something odd about this photo; there is a Lacoste logo on the side of the hat. This hints of the type of clothing to be expected in this collection. With Louis Vuitton this Spring Summer 2017, Lacoste X Supreme will most likely be released during Fall Winter 2017.



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