Nike and Jordan Brand Scandal

Recently there has been a scandal with Nike and Jordan Brand on their remastered shoe, the Air Jordan 15 “Stealth” colorway. We all believed that Nike and Jordan Brand would be honest about theiImage result for zoom air all out lowr shoes’ performance considering they usually listen to their consumers and even show off their technology in multiple shoes like the Zoom Air All Out shoe. Zoom Air is a performance cushioning that allows the user to “bounce back” because of the air bubble.

However, the WearTesters recently made a discovery on the shoe that surprised img_6868many consumers. Nike and Jordan Brand claimed that they had incorporated Zoom Air in both the forefoot and the heel, however, the WearTesters saw that there was only Zoom Air in the heel as seen to the right. Nike replaced the Zoom Air in the forefoot with a piece of rubber instead.

Consumers immediately started to take this to Nike and complain that they were false advertising and that they wanted their money back. They took it to social media to spread the news to the rest of Nike customers that were going to buy the Air Jordan 15. Of course these people were angry, they had spent about $190 retail for a shoe that was made without the materials they were told it was going to be made out of. Luckily, there were people like the WearTesters to point this false advertisement out and notify the public.

Nike and Jordan Brand were caught off guard so they immediately changed the description of the shoe as seen to the left. They img_6869provided a refund to the people who didn’t want the Air Jordan 15 and a 25% discount on their next purchase. While those who wanted it, only received a 25% discount. This did have positive feedback giving Nike their loyal customers’ faith back.

The consumers were grateful for this correction, however, it didn’t stop their doubt in the brand since they were disappointed that such a loyal brand like Nike, could fool their customers by replacing their technology with a piece of rubber. In conclusion, this scandal changed our minds about our view on Nike and Jordan Brand, they might’ve false advertised, but they still stay loyal to their customers. Where will this take Nike and Jordan Brand now?


Nike StevenYu 2006 (c) (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


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