Gucci Inspired “Flower Bomb” Embroidery

I never realized how shoe embroidery could be used on exclusive sneakers. Before, shoe embroidery was, for the most part, only known for being on brands such as Gucci. This brand has been embroidering their shoes for a long time and it just got old. On Gucci’s online website, they sell Image result for shoe embroiderymany different types of shoes but mainly stick to their classic embroidered high tops. At this time, before the trend came to be, shoe embroidering was mostly directed towards the female crowd. It was a style that was not usually seen on men daily, but more casually worn by women. The reputation that shoe embroidery received before was that it was disliked and hated. Many people saw these patches as having a loud print, or too flashy and bright. Overall, the trend of putting embroidered patches on shoes came out of the nowhere, and it was unexpected because of how this style was hated and the small group of people it was directed towards.

However, although shoe embroidery was never seen in style, someone people took a chance and decided to embroider exclusive sneakers such as Nike and Yeezys. A new shoe that has recently blown up is of the Nike Air Force One which is covered in a flower print. This new, unique shoe has received quite a bit of attention. It is even said to be rivaling Image result for yeezy boost flower bombother higher end sneakers that have been around for a long time. It’s amazing how a new styles can change so quickly and take the spotlight over others. Another sneaker that is almost as popular, or if not just as popular as the Nike Air Force One flower print is the new Yeezy Boost Flower Bomb. Not only was this shoe in general got enough attention as it is, it took on the new embroidering trend for even more attraction! The combination of the black and red colorways allow the flowers on the shoe to pop and grab attention. Before, embroidered patches were disliked for their loud print, but the designer of this shoe gave it a new look that was loved by customers. Other than these high end professional companies hopping on this, people are embroidering themselves. Popular Instagram account, @FRECustoms has posted pictures of many different designs and styles of shoe embroidering. This account recently became popular due to the trend.

After shoe embroidering was put on men’s sneakers, and now it wasn’t just known for being on women’s shoes I came to realize that this shoe embroidering looked very nice and unique. It is cool because embroidering shoes really expanded and has moved to many different shoes. It has not only been done on exclusives, Image result for celebrities wearing gucci embroidered shoeslike how it began, but many people do it themselves on their own casual daily shoe. What really shows now fast this trend grew is the number of celebrities today wearing this style. Many big singers such as Rihanna, The Weeknd, Trey Songz, or even Tyler the Creator has been seen wearing shoes
with embroidered patches on them. The list is endless, but endless major role models have influenced younger people to follow this style, and it keeps spreading. Because many people want embroidered shoes, companies have been doing this more often. Before, embroidering companies were around but not many were often doing shoes. They mostly did other clothing items. But now, due to the popular demand for in style shoes, these custom companies are using their skills of embroidering to apply it to footwear.

While seeing how embroidered shoes have grown as a trend and how popular it has become among people such as celebrities, or even just people walking casually around school, I have decided for myself to buy my own embroidered shoes. Also, I have also gotten interested in learning how to embroider for the future. I find that one of the most important factors to embroidering shoes yourself is making sure the colors flow.


Collection of Patches Inventorchris 2011(c)  (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Complementary colors are very important to the way a shoe looks. If the colors don’t look natural, the whole shoe itself will not look good. Also, along with different colors, I have found myself looking into different types of patches. The embroidered shoe trend blew up with the red and pink flowers that it has been known for. Many celebrities mostly wear floral print on their own shoes. Another good idea, along with color combinations, is maybe looking into different designs. These designs can mostly be of anything. You could put your own hobbies, sports, shapes, patterns, or just anything like in the picture above. Personally, I have found shoe embroidering to be very easy. As it might sound difficult at first, there are many simple tutorials online which follow step by steps. Also, many videos on YouTube show how to do it. To find a variety of embroidering styles, I like to use Pinterest. I find that this is the best website for patch ideas and complementing colors.


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