OG NMD Re-Release

The Adidas NMD runner has become an iconic shoe recently. The model is based off the Adidas Ultra-Boost, a running shoe that incorporated Adidas’ new shoe cushioning, Boost. Boost is a cushion that is made up of styrofoam looking kernels that are packed into one to absorb energy and to release it giving the user a bounce back. They adidas Originals OG NMDincorporated it into the NMD as a lifestyle shoe unlike the Ultra-Boosts, a running shoe. They also took the Primeknit material from the Ultra-Boost which is this yarn material that is supposed to make the shoe feel like a sock and make it even more comfortable. However, the NMD differs from the Ultra-Boosts with these two rubber blocks on the outside sole and one rubber block on the inside sole giving it a nice aesthetic. The first NMD colorway was very popular and it immediately sold it. It was called the “OG.” Well, Adidas confirmed the re-release date for these high-demand shoes for January 14, 2017! These shoes will be retailed for $180 and will probably resell for almost $400. For more information, click here.



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