Air Jordan 3 “True Blue”

The Air Jordan line of shoes are one of the most iconic sneaker lines in the world. With 31 and counting models, people are constantly looking out for future releases and even try to buy the vintage Jordans dating back to the late 80s. On Black Friday, the Air Jordan 3 Retro “True Blue” colorway came out! This colorway represents the original colorway that was released in 1988. The Jordan 3 consists of their iconic elephant print and the visiImage result for air jordan 3 true blueble air bubble from the Nike Air Max. People tend to go for the original colorways from the days Michael Jordan was still playing, instead of the new colorways. Therefore, the “True Blue” is a sought after shoe from all sneakerheads. Retail price of this shoe is $220 and resale can go up to $350 so be sure to go to your nearest sneaker store and buy this vintage shoe! For more information, visit this site.



Supreme X North Face 2016 Winter/Fall Collection

After doing a collaboration with the band Slayer, Supreme has recently released their new clothing collection. This time, they are partnering up with clothing by North Face. As of this year 2016, North Face has been around for 50 years now. They mainly specialize in clothes for the extreme outdoors. The company is direRdarl15eyrwcted towards athletes from skiing, snowboarding, climbing, and many more. With North Face along with Supreme together, their 2016 collection will be not only very functional, such as waterproof windbreakers or duffel bags made from nylon, but it will also be very stylish with modern colorways and in-trend looks. There will be backpacks, fanny packs, pants, and a variety of jackets ranging from light to heavy duty. If you want to be prepared for this winter’s extreme weathers in the poles, or even just rainy days in the city, I highly recommend you investing your money in North Face’s clothes. Not only will it be reliable and durable, but it will be fashionable street wear with Supreme’s style to it. The collection announced today, 11/14/16 on Supreme’s website. Click here to see all 39 released pictures.


For a cheap alternative for street-wear fashion, Stüssy is the way to go. Stüssy has your regular screen-print tees, hoodies, and jackets for an affordable price rather than other big name brands that can go over 100 dollars. Well, Stüssy has recently teamed up with MOONEYES, a Southern California shop famous for their classic AmStussy x MOONEYES Collaboration 2016erican drag racing culture with their clothes. Their signature look is a pair of cartoon eyes, so they combined it with Stüssy’s regular logo and they created a collection of graphic tees, hoodies, beanies, jackets and even pins! This collection models the drag racing culture combined with the modern street-wear.  This collection is already out so go over to Stüssy’s website here to buy their clothing!

Slayer x Supreme

Starting in Fall 2016, a new collection of clothing is anticipated to release. This clothing is a collaboration between the metal band Slayer and the well known Supreme clothing. Supreme began in 1994 in New York which were made up of skaslayer-x-supreme-2016-fall-collection-1teboarders and various artists. Over the next many years, Supreme would find itself working with many photographers, other artists, designers, and musicians. Coming soon, Supreme will be working with Slayer. This band originated in California during 1981 with a total of four members. The clothing line is expected to have a variety of many different types of clothing. It will include sweatshirts, sweatpants, t-shirts, hats, jackets, and many more. The collaboration collection is rumored to release November 10th in Supreme stores and also on their website. If you want to be wearing a new, fresh, clean clothing line, this collection is the way to go. Supreme has always had this simple yet elegant look that is all around casual at the same time. To learn more or shop this collection when it releases, go to the Supreme website and click here.