New, Anticipated Jordan XXXi Colorways

The newest Jordans, the Jordan XXXi was officially released not too long ago on July 20th for a retailed price of $185. This new, popular shoe is finally coming out in new colorways that will have sales skyrocketing. A new, anticipated color ofImage result for jordan XXXi battle grey this sneaker is called Chicago which officially releases on November 5th. Another is called Battle Grey which will come out before the Chicago color. Battle Grey is rumored to release the 29th of October. These colors are just a few of many. The Jordan XXXi comes in many different colors. If you would like to check out other colors in this shoe, click here. This shoe is very popular and in style at the moment. It was even seen being worn in many various colors by many athletes during the Olympics. If you want to be part of this sneaker trend, buy yourself a new Jordan XXXi in one of the new colors! This shoe, as Nike says, is an “anti-gravity machine.”


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